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Animinister Animation, by personal calling and Scripture, are bound to the Word of God and to the teaching of what the Bible says.
Many times we think that because it's so colorful, the characters are funny and likeable and it airs on a channel that we feel we can trust, it must be OK. But have you really stopped to watch what you're allowing your children to view? The majority of the animation that comes into our homes via cable or internet have an underlying message of humanistic views, occult overtones, sexual and violent display and absolutely no moral value at all. It isn't by accident but by design. Just like us, they too have a message that they want to instill into your children, a worldly and ungodly message. 
Presenting the Gospel of Jesus is what it should always be about!
No compomise, not watered down or filtered. We have to love, but we also have to tell the truth... the Total Gospel truth.

There is only ONE name under Heaven that can save our undeserving souls... Jesus, and He alone. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven , your soul is worth more than this world.
Our original animated series "The Word with Brother Jethro," presents Gospel truth in a fun and light way using animated characters. Jethro is as country as country can get and he loves Jesus with all of his heart and has a desire to be a servent to those in his mountain home in Arkansas. Brother Jethro is even available to do a custom appearance on your church video screen!
There is nothing to buy here. Our work isn't for sale, but is FREE, just like the salvation that Jesus freely gives to us. Everything that we have belongs to God, the Giver of Life.

Our goal isn't to make money from our work but to offer something true and better. Thank you for stopping in!
No Compromise Animation!
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